Life is like a Twister game...

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

As a child, if I had realized how much we could learn from the game Twister, I might not have played it so much.

You see, I think life is a series of decisions, much like Twister. Life tells you what the circumstances are that are going to play out for you today - "right foot red" - and we react to the circumstance by choosing which red spot to put it on. There are always choices in everything we do - sometimes they are limited; sometimes we have to struggle against ourselves or other people to get to the choice we want, but we have choices.

"There are always choices in everything we do"

Experimental Happiness

Friday, March 18, 2011

Have you ever asked yourself what it means to be happy? I would venture to say that for each person, the answer would probably be somewhat similar, but vastly different.

Some people would say being rich would make them happy, or having this car or that kind of house or this particular job, etc. Others would be more apt to think about friendships, families and personal relationships. And still others would think about being at peace with their surroundings, or in tune with themselves.

What does real happiness feel like? 
If I were to describe it, I would say things like, "loving", "caring", "warm fuzzy feelings", "smiling", "state of well-being", and struggle to give words to something that isn't really all that describable.

I think I thought I could

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Whether you think you can or think you can’t—you are right.
~Henry Ford

Good old Henry Ford: inventor ... visionary ... guy who hung out with Thomas Edison.

And why do I care? Let's talk about thinking - believing - working.

I've heard the expressions, "The power of positive thinking" or "Ask and you shall receive" or "God helps those who help themselves". There are hundreds of them, but basically they are all saying that if we ask it, think it, believe it and work towards it, it will happen.

There are motivational speakers who claim that if you "visualize" something happening, it will happen. Others say that if we set our plans out and sharply define each goal, we can achieve anything. Some call it Kharma or God's will or the energies of the universe coming together to help ("What energies you put out into the universe comes back to you").

Whatever you call it, or however you believe, this stuff works. Let me give you a little example.

Looking for treasure

Sunday, November 7, 2010

As I drive past the church on my way to work every day, I read the sign. You know the type, it's one of those variable letter signs that the pastor can go out to once a week and change to suit his needs; sometimes is a cute saying, sometimes it tells of special events or what Sunday's sermon is going to be.

This week it had a saying, "Some people find fault like they're finding treasure."

So Grammatic!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

I've been noticing, as I'm sure many of you have, that there seems to be a growing trend in slaughtering the English language.

"I like to blame everything on MTV ever since they stopped making MUSIC videos and just started making stripper videos. It just feels good."
Texts, instant messages, blogs and all manner of unedited text is being strewn around the globe at the speed of light through fiber-optic broadband and satellite.
Now, I'm not normally one to accomplish perfection in every piece of writing that comes out of my brain and I'm certain that at least one of my writer friends will read something in this blog and say things like, "Ugh, look at that misplaced comma!" or "How could she have missed that incorrect spelling? Doesn't she proofread?" So I don't pretend that I don't add to the decline of Western Civilization with the occasional dangling participle, an inappropriate voice change or by ending a sentence with a preposition, not to mention my use of colloquialisms and words that I've just plain made up. But I do try, and let's face it; it has been a while since I've been in school.

The memory fails.

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